Energy-Neutral Concept

Hydrobag: a sustainable and economically attractive energy concept

There are several factors that together play a role in an energy-neutral concept. Hydrobag can be very important in such a concept. In combination with a number of products mentioned below, Hydrobag offers the possibility to make your home energy-neutral without loss of comfort, for a low investment. This makes our energy-neutral concept unique, real and attractive.


Complementary products

The products listed below serve as a supplement to Hydrobag. A choice of these products can be combined with Hydrobag, so that the result is carefully tailored to the type of home.

foam, insulation, polyurethane

Insulation Shell

To minimize heat loss, an insulating shell is placed around the Hydrobag installed in the crawl space or behind a knee pad. The insulation material is called Pir insulation and has an RD value of 5.4. A buffer tank of A-quality loses 4 degrees of heat per night. A Hydrobag with insulation shell loses 0.4 degrees per 12 hours. This is a significant difference and therefore the insulation shell is essential for any Hydrobag installation.

HEat pipes

Using sunlight and light radiation, Heat Pipes provide heat in the Hydrobag. Water filled Heat pipes provide 30% more efficiency compared to glycol filled Heat pipes.

solar panels, heating, renewable energy

Solar panels

A solar or photovoltaic panel, or PV panel for short, uses photovoltaic cells to convert part of the photons from sunlight into electricity. The solar energy captured in this way is a form of renewable energy.

Heat Pump

The Hydrobag has a unique all-in-one high temperature heat pump with a built-in 200 liter buffer tank. This will serve as a back up of Hydrobag during the winter months. The noise level of the pump is lower than the average heat pump. 


Control system

Hydrobag has a control system that thinks along with the temperature fluctuations. This system ensures that the Frost-protection of the water-filled Heat pipes is activated below zero. Hydrobag can be remotely monitored at any time.