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The Hydrobag system is a new and revolutionary product that will play an important role in the growth market of renewable energy. A flexible buffer tank that functions as a heat battery. With a unique and very effective method, where in no time 3m³ to 10m³ hot water is stored in the house. Without rebuilding. Hydrobag is compact and can be placed in any limited space. In a crawl space, behind the knee shot of a house or outdoors, for example under the terrace. An innovative product that makes homes and living spaces independent of the gas connection.

Hydrobag heat pump H-65 8kw

Hydrobag consists of a unique all-in one high temperature heat pump with a built-in flexible 200 liter buffer tank. The buffer tank serves as a back-up during the four dark months of the year, meeting the energy needs during this period.

An innovative product for the future. An energy neutral package for a home and/or business premises''.

Luuk Wessels Technical Director

A Bright Future


In order to explain the concept of Hydrobag as well as possible, we visualize what you can expect as soon as a Hydrobag installation is purchased.

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The Hydrobag system makes homes and other buildings sustainable and energy neutral. Tailor-made for each type of home, with the help of the following products.

  • Heat Pipes
  • Solar Panels
  • Insulation Shell
  • Heat Pump

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