Via plus Project

Emmer-Compascuum, Oktober 2019

Hydrobag receives European money through the VIA+ scheme for the following activities:

Intended result:

Answers to the following research questions

  1. Test (demo) – setup of the Hydrobag in combination with a heat pump and heatpipes.
  2. Required insulation values of the Hydrobag.
  3. Shape and content of the Hydrobag.
  4. Size of the required crawl space or knee pad.
  5. Which (energy) label jump can be made with the Hydrobag?
  6. Is the Hydrobag the solution for connection to a heat pump for (floor) heating.
  7. Is the Hydrobag suitable for tap water?
  8. How many connections in one Hydrobag and which diameters?
  9. How can the (temperature) stratification of the water in the Hydrobag be maintained for as long as possible when adding and extracting heat?
  10. How is the Hydrobag integrated into the existing heating system?
  11. How do we make the Hydrobag intelligent?